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Regular Cleaning Services



  • General clean (GC)

  • Perfect Maintenance Clean (PMC)

  • Laundry and Light Cleaning( LLC)

  • Custom Maid Clean(CMC)Min 3 hrs

With BookAMaid we have a special clean designed for every need.

You can chose your cleaning to suit your needs and budget.

With The General Clean option you get your bathrooms and toilets cleaned as well as the floors vacuumed and mop.This option is great if you are on a budget but still need the extra help.

Perfect maintenance clean is the most popular option for busy family with kids and pets and they really dont want to come home to clean after work. We will clean the bathrooms,toilets, kitchen,dusting and floors vacuumed and mopped.

With Laundry and light cleaning say goodbye to wasting your time over the weekend taking care of washing ,drying folding and putting away. We will take care of all your laundry needs and while laundry is being washed and dried we will do some light cleaning around the house.

Choose your own cleaning options if you prefer to get the custom maid cleaning option( 3 hrs min)

Regular Cleaning Services



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