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Weather you are mulling over the perfect gift to give someone on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or for no special reason, house cleaning gift cards are a great idea.
  • They are thoughtful
  • They are convenient.
  • They are practical.
  • They are economical.
There are many occasions where you can spoil your beloved ones by giving them a Cleaning Gift Voucher. Why not purchase a cleaning gift voucher for:
  • Mother's day                                                           
  • Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • Father's day 
  • Helping the elderly
  • Saying 'thank you'
  • Employee incentives 

  • Baby shower
  • House warming gift
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Weddings
  • Get well gift
  • House for sale package

Pamper her Package

​Specially designed for woman:
  • 3 hours of standard* house cleaning
  • 30 Mins Massage.
  • A flower bouquet.
  • A 1 in 5 chance to win a bonus vacation( mumcation)

Baby Shower/Mothers Package

Mother's Package
Specially designer for busy moms, moms-to-be, new moms, super tired moms. Including:
  • 3 hours of standard* house cleaning
  • 1 relaxing kit including a magazine , lavender bath salt, lavender massage oil, relaxing  candle. All placed in a beautiful basquet.
  • Mums to be choice of nappy Bouquet.

House Warming Package

Welcome to your dream home.
Specially designed to prepare to transform your house into the ideal cosy home.
  • 3 hours of house cleaning gift certificate
  • 1 kit including 1 bouquet of fresh flowers, 3 candles of choice . All placed in a beautiful basquet.
  • $50 gift card
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